Thursday, September 18, 2014

Add existing OneNote notebooks in SharePoint Document Library

Hello Friends,

In this blog, I'll show you how you can add your existing OneNote notebooks in your SharePoint OneNote document Library.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to add.

1. Browse the SharePoint OneNote document Library using URL of your SP site

2. Select the Document Tab under Library Tools, and then click on Upload Document button

3. You will get two option in dropdown to upload your exiting OneNote document.

          a.       Upload Document – Select if you want to upload only single document into SharePoint OneNote Library
     b.      Upload Multiple Documents – here, you can select multiple documents for upload

4. Click on Upload Document option from dropdown, A dialog box appears to upload the files

5.  Click on Browse button to select your OneNote file from local machine, and then you can choose a specific folder by clicking on Choose Folder Button in your SharePoint OneNote Library.

Note :- If you don’t choose any folders. It will take the root path of your OneNote library for the uploaded document.

6.   Select folder and then click on ok button

7.  Now, you can see your uploaded document in SharePoint OneNote Library as depicted below in screenshot.

 I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Thank you !!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Syncing OneNote documents with SharePoint 2010

Hello Everyone,

In this blog, I'll walk you through the steps to syncing the Microsoft OneNote 2010 documents with SharePoint 2010.

1. Browse theURL of your OneNote Document Library, you should be able to access the SharePoint OneNote Library.

2.       Select the Document Tab under Library Tool, and then click on New Document button.

    3.  On click of New Document button, you will get a OneNote Type of document template in dropdown.

4. Select the OneNote template from the dropdown, SharePoint automatically starts unpacking of    OneNote document

5. While unpacking process is going on, One dialog box appears for file name. you need to provide the file name and click on Create Button.

6. OneNote file will be opened on your host machine. There, you can create multiple tabs and notes in file as depicted below in screenshot.

       7.  Use Clrl + S keyboard button to save your data.

       8. To sync your document with SharePoint, Go to File Menu of the OneNote document

        9. You can see the View Sync status Button in right panel of the screen.

       10.   Click on View Sync Status button, Shared Notebook Synchronization Dialog box appears to sync your file with SharePoint.

11. Click on Sync Now button to sync all the OneNote files. If you want to sync specific file, you can select Sync Selected Notebook button in Dialog box

       12.   Now, you check your OneNote file in SharePoint

       13.   If you have Microsoft Office 2010/2013 installed on your host machine, you can directly open this file in SharePoint by clicking on file itself.

         You will get all your notes that you have written in.

       14.   If you want to open created file on your host machine, you have to go to File Menu and Select Open in OneNote option from Menu. You should be able to open this on your local/host machine.
       I hope this will be helpful for all.

  Thank You!!